Ideals of Mass Destruction



The Pen is still mightier than the sword. It’s still killing more people than cold iron.

Khmer Rouge Estimate: Up to 2.5 million

Maoist China Estimate: Up to 45 million in the Great Leap Forward

Communist Russia Estimate: Up to 60 Million

National Socialist Germany Estimate: Up to 17 million

Children murdered in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade: Up to 60 million as of this year.

800 black children murdered a day in the womb. Margaret Sanger is smiling from hell.

The legacy of failed political ideologies isn’t in ink, it’s in blood. The list could go on forever. Endlessly marching to a dead mans dirge. Children are never spared, there is no law in war that can save them. Still to this day they count heavily amongst the causalities of any combat. In the book, “Outlaw Platoon” by Chris Parnell one of the first encounters leads to a bloodied group of children seeking aid. Hit with fire from terrorists.

If children getting killed in schools worries you, take comfort. You are still sane, and have a functioning sense of empathy. If you think taking weapons away from people will change that, you are deluded. Blind even. The world is ignoring the spiritual sickness that comes from disregarding human sanctity in all forms. It is a cultural problem, not a weapon problem. If an Afghani soldier thinks hitting civilians to draw out Western first responders is a sound tactic this is a sickness of the soul.

If a person thinks murdering a child is better than having to put college off a year is okay, that isn’t a weapon problem. Unarmed black children getting gunned down because of the neighborhood they live in isn’t a weapon problem. I could go on forever, what I’m getting to is we have become complicit with poisoned ideals in our society. The grotesque people who preach them, have a foothold we let them have. Listen to your average rap song these days. It’s full-time murder, abuse of women, abuse of governmental assistance, and the glorification of a pathetic drug culture that is parasitic

We should not ban ideals to counter this however. Banning something is akin to forcing it underground where it can fester. We have to put forward strong ideals, and shine bright lights on the spiritual sickness we have let grow here in our lands. This is something we can fight right here, right now. We do not have to pass this burden to our children. We can set the rudder straight.

The Diagnoses and The Cure

I call this sickness digital dystrophy. We are letting our civilization be possessed by loud disgusting people. They celebrate their perversity in song, in ‘art’, in writing. The cure for this dystrophy is community. Being strong together should go further than merely chatting to your echo chamber. Don’t just be online together, be in the world together. If you have followed me for any amount of time you’ll know that I am a loud proponent of forming a ‘colony’ of people who are in love with Christ, and are willing to work hard to protect our future.

Resolve daily to be your best, to grow, to learn, to thank God for his bounty. Be able to argue every side of a question. Sharp minds and words are better than sharp swords. Teach yourself something new. Keep your brain exercised. Learn an art or a craft. Learn both. Don’t neglect the mind in favor of the body. You’ll be a strong rock with brains to match.

Don’t spend overmuch on your mind. Be in the world. Sweat, bleed, get cold, get hot, labor, strive, and look for ways to be active. Don’t neglect your body in favor of your mind. You will be a smart slob. We have enough of those already.

Have contempt for yourself. Be the master of your body or you will be its slave. There is not other option. Rely on God. We do not need to draw upon only our own will. He who has sent us will give you strength. Never neglect God’s helping hand.

Be the person you want to be, not what you let yourself be. If we don’t work on ourselves our children are doomed to bear that burden.

Godspeed my friends,